Here are a few pictures of the original presses, etc inside of Sutcliffe Pressings, Ltd. These photographs were recovered and restored by Angus and Mary Ellefsen. We wish to thank the Ellefsens and Mrs. Joan Sutcliffe for their kind support and assistance. Look here for future photos and information about the history of these great boats. We hope you enjoy our collection of Sutcliffe boats and toys. The collection is not complete however, and we would appreciate reports of any sightings of the following boats.

1. Any of the 3 sizes of metal hulled sailboats made by Sutcliffe Pressings.

2. Sutcliffe un-named steel ship with dual steam coil boilers. Approximately 12" in length.

3." Empress" Sutcliffe boat.

4. Other Sutcliffe toys including Crane and Front End Loader

5. Most other toy boats made by Sutcliffe Pressings, Ltd.

Mary Ellefsen & Joan Sutcliffe
A nice photo and illustration of the original Sutcliffe Pressings factor
y works. Illustration by Mary Ellefsen
This is a photo of the back of the Atlas House where the factory was attached. Nothing but memories now.
This is one of the three saiboats made by Sutcliffe Pressings. These are very rare. If you find one, please let us know.
A pressing machine inside the old factory works. If you look closely, you can see stacks of hulls.
Another view of presses and machinery in the original factory works.