Buzz's BoatYard was started in 1995 as nothing more than a couple of pages of my toy boat collection. At the time it was only pop pop boats. I met many great people who were involved with these boats at this time also. I began purchasing wholesale and made a few dollars selling the pop pop boats from my old hobby website, or on ebay. 

Some of the people I ran into along the way collected other types of boats. One particular friend in England sold his pop pop boat collection to us. He had a number of other boats which were clockwork wind up powered. These were made by Sutcliffe Pressings, Ltd in Leeds, England. I became quite interested in Sutcliffe boats, ships and subs and I ultimately ended up purchasing the fellow's entire collection of Sutcliffe boats... which consisted of 4. 

The more I researched the boats made by Sutcliffe, the more interested I became until I decided to try to get one of each boat the company manufactured. This has been going on ever since, and at this point I have so many of the Sutcliffe boats, ships and subs.... it is getting very hard to find the ones I'm missing. 

Many of the early Sutcliffe boats and ships were nameless and there is one which has been lost entirely. There are no photographs of the boat, and none in collections. There were so few made that the unnamed ship has apparently vanished forever. 

We collect other ships also, but the main interest is still in Sutcliffe toys. If you find or know of a boat of this manufacture which is for sale, we'd appreciate an email about it. 

Today, Buzz's BoatYard is a thriving business on the web and we now import our best selling pop pop boats directly from our friends in India. We have dealers all over the country and in Canada.

You really can't appreciate these little steam powered wonders until you actually see one run. If you'd like to become a dealer, let us know and we will quote wholesale prices. 

Buzz's BoatYard has become one of the hubs of communication and information about toy boat collecting. We sell on consignment also. Be sure to use the message board for any communications or info regarding boat and old toy collecting. Feel free to post all you like.

Be sure to take a tour through the rest of the site where you'll find my personal collection, pop pop boats for sale, antique ships and boats for sale, restoration information, location information, etc. 

Thanks for dropping by. Leave us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions about the site or something you find here.