Antique Boats


Original antique pressed tin made in Pakistan in the 40's. Marketed and sold in the Netherlands. All unpainted original tin. Never fired. Comes with colorful box. (How's your Pakistani?)5" L


Price: $75.00

IMG 1874

Flarecraft electric outboard motor racer.  Runs well...   slight water damage on bow.

Item#: OUTB

Price: $95


Great example of the now famous "Silver Skipper" electric outboard powered boat. All aluminum, probably late 40's early 50's. Seldom seen with original motor, this one is in great condition. It's one you don't see on the market that often.


Price: $350.00

IMG 1872

Sutcliffe "Tiger" boat. Key wind, perfect condition, runs well.

Item#: SUT-T

Price: $120


1940's "Mobo Snort" diving submarine. Mint condition with squeeze bulb to make it dive and move along surface. Made of unblemished stamped steel. Box included.Note: end flaps missing on one end of box. 9" L 


Price: $75.00

IMG 1871

Pre war Sutcliffe submarine chaser.  Key wind. This boat suffers some paint loss on the stern.

Item#: SUB-C

Price: $70

IMG 1888

Water Patrol Boatmade in Japan, this boat is in perfect condition and includes the original box.
Boat runs well.This boat is well lithographed and is left over stock that dates back to the 1950's.

Item#: POL-C

Price: $140.00

IMG 1868

Sutcliffe 1950  Fury gun boat.  Key wind, good condition, ready to run!!

Item#: SUTG

Price: $135

IMG 1886

Post WWII battery operated cruise boat.  This boat runs like it was new and the light on the bow lights up when the boat runs.

Item#: WB-1

Price: $125.00

IMG 1864

Sutcliffe Kesterel ..  very good condition, battery operated.  12" length.
All Sutcliffe boats we sell were made in England.  All are original.

Item#: SUT-K

Price: $125

IMG 1882

Post war large key wind boat, excellent condition. Runs well

Item#: SUT-C

Price: $175.00

IMG 1863

Sutcliffe key wind Hawk.  Very good condition.

Item#: HWK

Price: $140