Antique Boats

IMG 1861

This is a very old edition of the Peggy Jane" boat made by J. Chein.  The boat is in the best condition we have seen.  They key winds and the motor runs well.  Boat is 11" overall length.  There is some paint loss on the very bottom of the keel. All Japanese lithograph circa 1940's.

Item#: PJ-2

Price: $75.00

IMG 1843

Japanese made hydroplane, post war crank wind. Deck is dented. Made by Bandai. Motor runs

Item#: HYD

Price: $75.00

IMG 1858

Very rare steam powered pop pop boat. Made in England. 1930's boat made by " Fairylite". 

Item#: A-POP

Price: $25

IMG 1842

Very rare boat made by Sutcliffe in England. No driver. Key wind motor. 

Item#: SOOT

Price: $150

IMG 1856

Japanese pre war pop pop boat. Removable motor  w/rudder.

Item#: UNK

Price: $20

IMG 1839

Replica of the HSS Rex - This ship was made in Germany by "MFZ" and has a label on the original  box with a production number.  All original "as new" in the box as they come.

Item#: REX

Price: $50

IMG 1853

Sutcliffe battery powered cruiser.  Post war production.  

Item#: CMDR

Price: $130

IMG 1833
Post war Japanese boat "Sea Elizabeth".   This is a very old boat but the wind up does run. Otherwise in good condition.

Item#: W-SE

Price: $50

IMG 1850

Sutcliffe "Diana", Keywind, made in England. Post war production

Item#: DNA

Price: $140

IMG 1832

Sutcliffe war boat. Front cannon. The black items on the deck are torpedos. This boat  is in "new" condition.  Never placed in water.

Item#: S-VIC

Price: $175

IMG 1845

Pre-war  Bennington lithographed aircraft carrier.  Crank wind, two navy aircraft on deck.   Ship is 7" long.  Very rare. Made in Japan.

Item#: CARY

Price: $75

IMG 1828

Note: this boat has a rust pin hole in the bottom.  The hole can be easily be repaired with a dab of hot glue or epoxy.

Item#: SPT

Price: $50