Antique Boats

IMG 1826

This boat runs on steam  like a pop pop boat, but there was a limited edition of them made by Marx.. USA.   This boat does not have a cannon. It is lithographed on. Very hard to find. Removable steam motor.  


Price: $100

IMG 1813

Classic Post-war edition.

Item#: RCR

Price: $200


IMG 1824

This is the other boat that was made by Marx, but this one is most sought after because it does have a fabricated tin cannon on front.  This boat is even harder to find. 

Item#: MRXWC

Price: $125

IMG 1809

Sutcliffe Racer 1 in very good condition. Post war boat.

Item#: RCR1

Price: $200


IMG 1823

 First edition pre-war Sutcliffe Gunboat. Very good condition, slide top for winding, includes "winding lock". Runs like it was new.

Item#: SGB

Price: $400

IMG 1808

This is a classic boat found in an estate sale. There is paint loss on the deck of the boat, but it is otherwise in good condition.

Item#: Pilt

Price: $125

IMG 1820

This Racer 1 Sutcliffe boat is one of the first edition of this design. The boat has some wear and chips but there is no doubt of it's age. Made in England. Very hard to find.

Item#: PWR

Price: $200

IMG 1803

One of the most sought after ships made by Sutcliffe

Item#: SVB

Price: $400 

IMG 1818

Later model "Zip" boat by Sutcliffe. Very good condition. Keywind.

Item#: ZP

Price: $150.00


This 1930 aircract carrier has a keywind clockwork motor which still works perfectly. Tin airplanes. Rare item! You'll never see another one of these anywhere! 12"L


Price: ON HOLD ($800.00)

IMG 1815

This boat but Sutcliffe was commissioned for the Cornoation of the Queen in 1953. Portrait of Queen on bow of boat.

Item#: CR1

Price: $150


This original 1930's antique Ives Destroyer is in great working order. 12"L, Keywind


Price: $900.00